Cedar Road celebrates 90th birthday

Cedar Road Primary School celebrated its 90th birthday in style last week, as staff, pupils and the local community dressed up for an all-school carnival parade.

Over 400 children, across 6 year groups, dressed up in animal costumes and put on a carnival around their school. The theme was inspired by the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Thanks to generous funding from the Friends of Cedar Road, each class created their own carnival costumes after taking part in workshops with professional artists. Each child also received music and dance lessons in preparation for the big day.

The carnival parade started with a musical performance in the playground, which then moved around the school grounds, and eventually covered four streets within the local community. Parents also dressed up and walked with their children, while local residents left their homes to cheer on the children and donate money for future events.

The procession then came back to the playground and saw each year group perform a unique dance for the audience, before Cedar Road pupils performed a whole-school conga, which was a surprise for all of the parents.

In addition to all of the festivities, Cedar Road received a special letter from Her Majesty’s Lady in Waiting. The Queen passed on her ‘good wishes’ to the school and thanked them for their thoughts.

Kay Gerrett, Headteacher at Cedar Road Primary School, commented: “It was a fantastic event and we are incredibly proud of the energy and enthusiasm that every pupil has shown to celebrate this milestone birthday.

"Everyone embraced the carnival spirit and we are so thankful to all of the parents and local community members who took the time to come and watch.

"We are particularly grateful to the fantastic Friends of Cedar Road. The friends raised so much money for the carnival, through fundraising and hard work behind the scenes. A special mention must also go to Jackie Dopson, who baked a fantastic range of cakes for everyone to enjoy.”