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Cedar Road Primary School

At Cedar Road we are committed to being an inclusive school, providing the best possible standard of education for every child.

Remote Learning - Story

Each week Mr Penny reads a live story to the pupils at Cedar Road. You can find the recordings of all the exciting books that he has read so far below.


Whole school - The Dinosaur that pooped Christmas - 13th January 2021



EY/KS1 - Oi Dog - 20th January 2021


KS2 - James and the Giant Peach - 20th January 2021



 EY/KS1 - The Day the Banana went bad - 27th January 2021



KS2 - Simply the Quest - 27th January 2021


EY/KS1 - Fergal is Fuming - 3rd February 2021


KS2 - The Worst Witch - 3rd February 2021


 Whole school - It's okay to be different - 3rd February 2021


EY/KS1 - Adventures in Moomin Valley, Hattifattener Island - 10th February 2021


KS2 - The Boy Who Lived With Dragons - 10th February 2021


EY/KS1 - Space Walkies - 24th February 2021


KS2 - Cakes in Space - 24th February 2021

EY/KS1 - Wolves - 3rd March 2021


KS2 - The London Eye Mystery - 3rd March 2021