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Cedar Road Primary School

At Cedar Road we are committed to being an inclusive school, providing the best possible standard of education for every child.

Remote Learning - Year 4


Welcome to Year 4! Things are very different for everyone at the moment, and we are incredibly proud f everything you are doing! Mr Luu and Miss Anderson are always here to help you with your learning whether you are at home or at school and always look forward to our live lessons on Monday and Tuesday. Miss Anderson's favourite part of the week is her live story on Thursday because The Magic Place is such a great story with hilarious characters. We also love seeing your drawings posted onto the class stream. Who knew we had so many budding artists in Y4!!


We have added some links which will support you in your learning and we hope you find these useful.


Keep working hard, children, you are ALL amazing!


Useful Websites

ICT Games Look Cover Write Check 
National Gallery- scroll down for things to do at home

Year 4 Weekly Timetable

Key for 'Live' Lessons

A= Live lesson - during which the teacher appears live to the pupils as they deliver input/explanation/feedback/story etc.

B= Interactive lesson - During which there is opportunity to the pupils to communicate with the teacher chat/email etc

C= Pre-recorded lesson - content of lesson is delivered via pre-recorded content. Pupils will be able to communicate with staff via Google Classroom

D= Hard copies of work sent home, supplementing this as needed.