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Cedar Road Primary School

At Cedar Road we are committed to being an inclusive school, providing the best possible standard of education for every child.

Remote Learning - Year 5

Welcome to Year 5! 

Miss Martin, Mrs Badhan and Mrs Thind are still looking after your children during this lockdown, with the support of Mrs Edge.

We begin our week with a wonderful assembly from our head teacher, Mr Penny, every Monday morning. This is delivered via Microsoft Teams, which the children join as part of our school community. 

This is followed by daily registration sessions via Microsoft Teams, which gives our children an opportunity to ask any questions or share their learning and feel a sense of normality during these unusual times. 

Our children join weekly live sessions for English and Maths via Microsoft Teams, where we can address any misconceptions and move the learning onwards. 

Work is set on our Google Classroom page, where children can listen to pre-recorded lessons, ask questions, access differentiated work and receive feedback on how to progress their learning. 

We also hold live story sessions every week, in addition to a live story session led by My Penny. 


A message for our Year 5 group; keep working hard children! You are ALL amazing and we are VERY proud of you! 


Useful Website

Reading and Vocabulary: 







RE: Sikhism 




Art and Crafts 




General Resources: 




Year 5 Weekly Timetable 

Key for 'Live' Lessons

A= Live lesson - during which the teacher appears live to the pupils as they deliver input/explanation/feedback/story etc.

B= Interactive lesson - During which there is opportunity to the pupils to communicate with the teacher chat/email etc

C= Pre-recorded lesson - content of lesson is delivered via pre-recorded content. Pupils will be able to communicate with staff via Google Classroom

D= Hard copies of work sent home, supplementing this as needed.